Solar Investment Programme

Our Energy Service is responsible for delivering a multimillion pound solar investment programme which has installed over 8MW of solar PV across the city. We’ve installed solar panels all over the city, from our municipal buildings such as offices and schools, to large solar farms and installations on some of Bristol’s most iconic buildings like Ashton Gate Stadium and the Central Library.

Our Solar Investment Programme has saved the city millions of pounds through reduced energy bills, whilst making a massive reduction in our carbon emissions and reinforcing Bristol’s position as the UK’s most sustainable city.

We want everyone in Bristol to be able to access clean energy and have the ability to reduce their carbon emissions – that’s why we are offering access to the solar investment programme to all organisation across the city

Why use the Solar Investment Programme?

There are a multitude of reasons to use our Solar Investment Programme to deliver your solar projects, including:

  • No Upfront Cost – 100% of the installation cost will be covered upfront by Bristol City Council.
  • No Maintenance Cost – Bristol City Council will cover operation and maintenance costs over the twenty year duration of the project, including cleaning, replacement parts and labour.
  • Cost Savings – Each unit of solar generated electricity used on site costs less than what you usually pay, meaning you achieve savings from day 1 of the project.
  • Supporting Bristol – Working in partnership with the local authority connects your company to the city and our path towards carbon neutrality, raising the profile of your project through joint promotional opportunities.
  • Job Creation – You’ll also be stimulating demand and maintaining jobs in the UKs highly skilled solar PV industry.

Solar PV systems are quick to install, have minimal disruption to normal daily operations, demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and reduce your energy bills. All provided at no cost to your organisation.

How to join the renewable energy revolution

No two rooftops are the same and it’s for this very reason that we create bespoke projects for every organisation that we work with. We’ll take a detailed look at your company’s energy usage and create an offer that works to ensure affordability, carbon reductions and a viable return.

If you are interesting in finding out what a solar system on your building could save you – please get in touch with our sales and operations team using the contact details on the right.


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