Bristol City Leap, an ambitious project to deliver a zero-carbon, smart energy city by 2030, is today re-launching a global search to deliver up to £1 billion of investment and provide significant economic benefits for the people of Bristol and its businesses.

Since September 2019, we’ve been undertaking a procurement exercise to identify the future Strategic Partner for City Leap and we have shortlisted and engaged with a number of bidders who submitted a response to the initial stage of the procurement. We subsequently carried out a dialogue stage with the shortlisted Bidders in January and February and received a great deal of valuable feedback from them.

We believe that it is critically important to achieve the best possible outcome from the City Leap procurement for what will be a long-term partnership and, having now considered the feedback from bidders, we’ve decided that a number of changes are required to the procurement.  These changes will greatly enhance the City Leap opportunity, delivering greater benefits for our residents, businesses and communities, as well as the council and our future Strategic Partner.  However, we are also of the view that some of these changes are “material” to the procurement and require the council, by law, to bring the current procurement to an end and start afresh.

Our Mayor and Cabinet approved the re-launch of the City Leap procurement at the 14 July 2020 Cabinet meeting and we have now published a Concession Notice and Selection Questionnaire to identify a joint venture partner that can work with us to unlock Bristol’s full potential and deliver the social, environmental and economic objectives for the city.

More information on our procurement approach and supporting documents for potential bidders can be found at the EU’s Tenders Electronic Daily website.