Bristol schools are invited to join a new energy saving scheme to help improve school buildings, cut running costs and increase available budgets for other much-needed educational improvements.

Bristol City Council is offering energy efficiency audits to all Bristol schools (including academies) to identify potential savings. These audits will highlight improvements to lighting, glazing, insulation, heating systems and equipment, which would then be paid for using a 0% loan funded by the government.

The loan for the energy efficiency measures is repaid from cost savings made through reduced running costs and, once the loan is repaid, schools will have an increased budget to spend elsewhere.

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, said:

“We have made some huge savings ourselves on council buildings which is already contributing towards a reduced carbon footprint and helping Bristol move towards carbon neutrality. It makes sense that we share the council’s learning and encourage everyone to become more involved in the sustainability movement.

“We want to help schools create a better working environment for teachers and children, and free up some of the budgets currently spent on expensive heating and lighting. We recognise that there is more pressure on schools with reducing budgets and we want to help reduce the burden of energy costs.

“We also want to use this opportunity to empower our younger generations to understand the environmental pressures our city is experiencing and encourage them to get involved. Bristol is a learning city so it’s important we share our expertise for the benefit for everyone to ensure we are more inclusive and resilient whilst continuing on the path to becoming a city that runs entirely on clean energy by 2050.”

Sustainable Learning, which is part of the Bristol Learning City programme, will be involved in the scheme to promote wider sustainability issues and encourage more schools to become Eco schools. In addition, the charity Ashden will also be involved, offering a free educational programme for school staff on sustainability.


Over 20 Bristol schools have already expressed an interest in signing up to the first phase of the scheme. Any schools interested in finding out more can go to: